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शुक्रवार, जुलाई 29, 2005

TIME's UP........

Yes it looks like all the jolly time I had with my friends are up. Each one of us are heading in a different direction. One has already left(susee), one leaving this monday(kk), one two days after that and so on. It is not that we will never meet , but those meetings will be widely spcaed(b'day, marraige , new borns meet , funeral???..sorry too melodramatic). Some stmts like "you feel feel the importance of a person only in his absence" keeps hitting you. (who is going to sing for us dance and do moonwalk steps... who is going to hit susi.....who is going to take orders from hotel...who is going to take the stone out of cherry....who is going hit all our 'thoppai'.....who is going to provide the bags and LOCKS with it....who is going to give me all the light from their bright heads.....who shall i order for.....and so on). We all had so much fun together, and those nostalgic feelings breaks you. I just hope we remain like this for ever.....

ok...ok....you can wake up ....it is over

गुरुवार, जुलाई 28, 2005


This is actually a comment i wrote after reading nans blog on

The Truth is out there!

a very interseting post def a gr8 mind...
but i would say a few more things ...(out of sheer confusion inside my head)
what u call science here may not be what it is actually...we have broken atoms to electrons protons and even quarks..but what lies beneth that no one knows..if ever somebody could break the atom to the smallest that day we will know how everything started coz every process needs energy(atleast in our science)...clearly that day will never arrive and can never...for if u say god gave that energy for everythin to start who gave god energy???god is somebody who is the highest Embodiment civilisation...he is just one civilisation above us,still living somewhere in this universe.
He probably might be what we typically call aliens...with more movies based on this issues comin up it would be stupid of anyone to think world is the only place where life forms exist
one more thing...its how we comphrehended what surrounds us..if u had seen war of the worlds(or read) u can clearly understand that nothing is indestructable...even a small bacteria can cause a whole civilisation to collapse..
everythin goes in a probablistic manner...or in other terms chaotic manner (as how steven spielberg puts it in jurrasic park)
nothin is sure in this world...(what a pleasant thought....)i agree though that we need something to hold on and give us faith to drive us to the future otherwise there would be no reason for our birth...
but still it looks like there is are millions of parallel universe floating above us we jus grab one and live here...
ok this post -too much deviation...total confusion...unfortunately thats how the world is...

Lots more stupid theries

Some really stupid incedents which cannot happen in the next book.....

  • Fred and george join as teachers in hogwarts now that 2 have left
  • Peeves becomes headmaster and is responsible for more mayhem inside than the outside dark world
  • chamber of mischief is opened
  • these people pair with themselves while harry is slogging outside the school
    • nevill - luna
    • flitwick - sprout
    • peeves - Mcgonagall
    • dudley - parkinson
    • umbridge - rita skeeter ;)
  • Hagrid joins school and resumes his studies
  • Aunt petunia becomes pregnant coz vernon is jobless....there comes pumkins(for pudley) for didykins(for dudley)...

Here's more stupid theries

Things to look for in the 7th book

  1. Why didnt DD kill voldy in the ministry of magic
  2. What spell did he use on voldy the same day
  3. How did DD get that scar of the underground map of london
  4. DD says atleast 2 people were def reqd to get the horcrux from the cave. So one more person other than R.A.B should know it(assuming that the process of drinking the liquid was same for the original horcrux..which is highly unlikely though). If so a person exists is it wormtail??
  5. Is voldy the the only person who knows about his horcrux or they some others like R.A.B(snape does not know it otherwise he would have told DD)
  6. pettigrew helping harry with finding the horcrux(atleast he will be compelled by harry or snape to accompany harry in the quest for the horcrux where he can be used as a scapegoat)
  7. Draco returning to the good side or something like that.....
  8. No more parties or food festivals(boohoo) as everybody seems too busy including the house elves...

Details on 7th book

1. 'scar' is the last word of the series
2. No more quidditch matches(reason being it has become cliche)
3. Finilalised pairs
  • harry - ginny
  • bill - fluer
  • lupin - tonks
  • ron - hermoine(JKR accepted this on interview)
4. Harry will take help only from hermoine and ron
5. Harry's grand parents died(killed by jkr) so that harry is left in peace to rot with dursleys.
(all this thanx to mugglenet and emerson)

बुधवार, जुलाई 27, 2005

Tag - your it

tag seems to be the antakshiri of blog...this ones about movies...so obviously easy

Total number of movies I have seen:

Nobody can answer this question. Just for the sake of answering i watch every kuppai that has come on tv

The Languages in which I have seen movies:

luckily it is only tamil,hindi,english (which r the languages i know)

Total number of DVDs/VCDs/Cassettes:

only a very few jim carrey,will smith movies with some tamil cassetes too(<10)

Last movie I saw:


The max no of times I have seen a single movie:


Name of the movie in the above question:

liar liar, xxx, mib

The movie that I would equate to Capital Punishment:


Top 3 favourite movies:

hmm...this is a bit diff

1. liar liar, scary movies
2. anbe sivam, thenali
3. XXX, independence day, mib

3 Movies that only I and no one else liked:

1. jeans

2. a few (only a few)chinese movies shown on vijay tv
3. thiruvilaiyadal puranam....(songs were brilliant)

The worst movie(s) to feature my favourite actor/actress:

mumbai express- kamal
paheli-shahrukh khan & amitabh
constantine- keano reeves

If I were a director, I would make a remake of:

Matrix, minority report(awesome movies for its sheer imagination and brilliance of thought)

Movies that I am eagerly waiting to watch:

harry potter-4, a aa(tamil film by surya)

And finally..the trillion dollar Q & A ....Who am I going to tag:

hmmm... sice all my friends have been already tagged
1. ramasamy
2. munusamy
3. govindsamy
4. kumarasamy
aah i there is one left
5. raman

hari potter and his half stupid theories

Moving on, let us look at the more serious implications and deductions from the book visible only to the inner eye
1. Snape is all that bad as he seems to be. More reference to this is available at my friends post here.
I would however add/elaborate those issues which i found was in favour of snape.
  • The most important one being the last and most touching sentence of dumbledore(DD) ever "severes...please...". DD is a kind of person who would never beg for mercy. I compare him with our epic hero Bheeshma(the most noble character of mahabharatha). DD is a sort of person who would command his death and not be dictated by it(my only concern would be that he departed before imparting his knowledge to others)
  • Hagrid overhears(pg 380 i think) a row between snape and DD. This would be regarding the issue of who should die(snape having made the unbreakable vow was bound to fulfill it). It was settled as DD should die for one, he was losing his touch, two, more than ever it was now needed that harry gets an insider help from the dark side to finish of voldy.
  • The very reason that DD trusted him for the past 17 yrs and the reason snape gives Bellastrix, assuring he is on the dark side, is not satisfactory.This tells a lot where his loyalties lie
The 3 things which intrigues me about snape are
  • Why didnt he complain about prof Quirrel ??
(The possible ans : Assuming snape really didnt know voldy was involved , he didnt want to tell-tale on his fellow worker & thought his thirst for the stone will quench with time)
  • Why was snape made the DADA teacher???
(to give harry a free reign on potions so that his chances of becoming an auror would be more??
  • Snape only took students with 'O' in owls then how come he took ron and hermoine who havent got it??(grade changes with sub i guess?)
2. The next major discussion would be about horcruxes....
The book so far not clearly mentioned whether voldy was successful in breaking his soul into magic number(7) of pieces. Assuming that he was successful we shall proceed with further discussion of it....
  • According to the book 2 of the seven were destroyed . One being the diary which harry destroyed it in the chamber of secrets, two the ring destroyed by DD(though not much details as to how DD got it etc is not known)
  • So the book gives the impression that harry in the next book has to destroy 5 other horcruxes with the last one hoping to be voldy himself. What i beg to differ is that when he had come to kill harry 16 yrs ago the all powerful 'Avada Kedavra' spell rebounded from harry on to him. This should have killed the soul inside him(when a mere fang or tooth of a basilisk (which can be healed through phoenix tears) can kill 1 part of him why cant avada kedavra from the most powerful wizard who uses it(DD does not use it..) kill the soul ). So going by this harry has only 4 horcruxes to look out for.
  • R.A.B - as u would have all guessed it has to be regulus ..... black. These deductions can be made from his note he left. The top most line of it says 'to the dark lord' , only a death eater will call voldy like that. Secondly a the person is confident he would be dead by now..that again points to regulus. Thirdly initials almost match. Interestingly he claims to have stolen and destroyed a horcrux. The destruction part of it however is not clearly stated. No one except JKR knows whether he has destroyed. Assuming he hasnt i think u will find the locket in grimmaulds place(one of the ones whichwere not removed from the house)
  • So that leaves harry to find only 3 horcrux. The three we can guess as helga hufflepuff's cup, one in voldy's body, and the last one a ravenclaw obj. Nagini cannot be a horcrux coz she is met by voldy after he waz destroyed once and then u cannot break the soul again after you ressurrect coz the process will then go on endlessly.
3. That was about the horcruxes. The next thing we shall see why snape actually swithched sides from bad to good. I am guessing that he must have felt remorse that he pointed out that potters were the ones voldy should go after and not longbottoms. he must have had a crush or something on lily;).
4. Let us look at the list of people who cant see the end of sevnth book.(jugg cant see bcoz he is kurdi let us see who actually cant:D)
  • The weasly family seems to have surprisingly stayed alive all through the book with their large numbers, so def one of them is bound to die(hopefully not fred and george)
  • neville will probably take down Bellastrix with him as a sort of revenge
  • harry is def the best option of the lot
5. Things we can hope to see in 7th book
  • voldy attackin dursley's coz harry has turned 17 and protection no longer lingers
  • harry having no home goes to grimmaulds place where he finds one of the horcruxes and finds out about R.A.B
  • harry destroying other horcruxes and getting caught by voldy in the last attempt, where snape pulls him out of the tight corner risking his life
  • ron and hermoine relationship getting stronger
  • most importantly Mr & Mrs bill and Mr & Mrs lupin will go for honeymoon when all these important things take place
hmmm.... quite a long post huh??..well "more stupid theories" and "here's more stupid theories" to follow this one...keep waiting....

मंगलवार, जुलाई 26, 2005


Hi fellows.....
I have started blogin for harry potter sake. There is so much of thought to be put in , i thought this is one of the best ways to express it. Hopefully, in the course of time, my blogs will have a wide of range of topics.
Well we all know the latest book in the series haryy potter and the half blood prince was a revelation.(WARNING: The entirety of this post is colored by book six - which means if you don't yet want to be spoiled or haven't yet read Half-Blood Prince, reading this post will not be good for your health. Be warned!). It had a brilliant opening. For the first time i found people pour over a book like they do to movies. It had the necessary ingredients for a perfect thriller. Its well laid plot and its flawless logics paid off well for her. The book was very important in the series for it set the stage for the final book. The key breakthroughs listed in the book are

1. The reason why voldemort didn't die the day the curse reflected.

2. The reason being voldemort split his soul and placed them in secret objects called horcruxes.

3. Dumbledore dies leaving harry to fight voldy all by himself. This explanation rowling gave for killing sirius and dumbledore were logical in her point of view. She imagined harry as a hero who was capable of working all by himself and thought she could get the perfect hero out of harry better, if she killed of a few , the close ones to him. Now with dumbledore gone hogwarts is no more a safe place as it used to be.

4. Malfoy follows his parents footsteps by becoming a death eater.

5. As usual the school needs one more DADA prof at the end of the year

6. Snape turns out to be a loony. He however causes a whole new debate about him whether he is
Double-triple-quadruple-to-the-power-of n times crosser...

5. People have understood the severity of voldy ressurected atleast after the death of dumbledore.

6. The world around us is no longer safe enough for atleast anathor 2 years(till she finishes it).

hmm... shall post my theories and derivaitons in the next post.